Work Day Morning Challenges

Work Day Morning Challenges

Callee’s maternity leave ended and she returned to work last week. It was hard all the way around, but her Mom came up to watch the baby and help out. That made the logistics easier, but it was still rough not having her at home with Wayne.

We are now two days into our first week of having to get both Bruce and Wayne to the sitter before work. We’re still cheating though, Callee’s Mom is watching the dog this week so we’ll have to fit in dog walking next time. It’s amazing how much coordination just hygiene and food take when you have deadlines, a breast-feeding infant, and a toddler in the picture.

Being the night owl in our relationship, I used to do the dishes while Callee napped before bed. Then Callee would get ready for work, pack lunches, and walk the dog before I woke up. I took care of breakfast and whoever was free would get Bruce ready for daycare.

Now that there is an ever suckling infant in the picture, we knew the old rhythm wouldn’t work. We’ve made a few changes that are making it easier to get everything done, and still get some sleep.

  1. Lunch packing is a huge time drain for us. We have to send all of the kid’s food with them, and we pack our lunches to save money. Now we prep all of the dry snacks, fruit, and bake bread for the week on Sunday. Each night we pack up entrees, and in the morning we cold pack them in our lunch bags.
  2. Night time preparation. Each night we prep the diaper bags for the boys and lay out our clothes for the next day. This is a surprising time saver. When sleep is pressing, it takes a lot less time to pick out clothes for the next day.
  3. Alternating showers. After the last nursing, Callee takes her shower and I get baby time. In the morning I shower, walk the dog, and make breakfast before Bruce wakes up while she does the first nursing.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s pretty different for us. Most importantly, it’s working.