Many Changes

Many Changes

A lot has changed since the last time I made time to write here. The big ones would be: new semester, new year, new house.

I feel a bit crazy for saying it, but going back to law school feels like a bit of a break after moving houses over the holidays with two kids in tow. But then again, moving houses over the holidays with two kids under 3 in tow can make you pretty crazy, I know.

That said, it’s definitely worth it. With Wayne growing at rate that brings Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk to mind (with nearly equal destruction following as he’s getting around like a mongoose on speed now), we were quickly out growing the old house.

Fortunately, the new place seems to fit us well. There’s enough room in the back yard to garden this summer and still be able to turn out the children and dog. Plus some of the rooms have vaulted ceilings which means we have tall wall space that may provide safe haven for some of Callee and I’s artifacts of our pre-children days, when we had time to indulge in hobbies and active leisure. Time will tell if they’re safe or not, I’ve begun to think there may be a covert schedule at day care that involves training with spider monkeys or some other dare-devilish, acrobatic creature.

In other news, I survived last semester. We’re still waiting on rankings to be posted, but all the grades did come back before classes started and I beat my goal for the first semester, so that was a high note. Hopefully this semester I’ll be able to do even better now that I have a feel for exams and the professors.