First Week of Law School

First Week of Law School

It’s official, we made it through the first week of law school! Five full days of classes and Callee hasn’t cussed me or ran away with Wayne, I think that’s a good start.

There aren’t many other parents in the class, but I have found and connected with a few. It’s nice to be able to talk to other people that are also working out how to balance school and family.

I’m honestly enjoying classes and studying. Law school is mentally challenging  me on a level that I haven’t experienced in a while. I’ve missed that. The professor’s are all great and a far cry from the uptight stuffy law professors you see in movies (but equally eccentric). They’re approachable, engaging, professional, and very entertaining.

The amount of reading is quite taxing though. The typical day last week required about 30-40 pages of reading. That doesn’t sound bad until you figure in that it’s dense case reading, which normally takes me 3 reads to digest enough to brief. That effectively makes it around 100 pages of ye olde english. If nothing else, the reading is a take away of how not to write. A paragraph should be more than one sentence, especially if it spans half a page.

The workload is what made the week difficult. Except for an hour or two around dinner time, it kept me busy from around 8am to 11pm most days. Part of that was getting everything set up and putting in extra time to get a buffer day in my reading though. That way if something comes up and I’m unable to study one day I won’t end up being behind on reading.

Next week will be a little more challenging since Bruce will be with us. But, it’ll help that I’ve read ahead for my buffer day, and figured out how to use OneNote for my assignments and notes. That will save me some time and hopefully mean less time reading in the evenings and more time with the family!