Apples Don't Fall Far

Apples Don’t Fall Far

Sometimes Bruce really gives me a scare, not the “loss of life, limb, or eye sight” kind or even the “blown-out diaper on your lap right before work” kind. I’m talking about the “Errghmahgawd, I put THAT in your genes?!” kind of amusing scare.

Sometimes it’s through activities with a weaker correlation, like how he climbs everything.

Or scares all the passengers whenever he’s behind the wheel.

Then there’s the time he’ll strike my patiently waiting pose with hands in his pockets, standing on the edge of his feet – or walk just like me.

Or how he has the same smile.

Those moments amuse me, they make proud, but sometimes they also put this uncomfortable feeling in my gut – and I can’t help but wonder if the poor guy is doomed to make the same mistakes I did.